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Yellow jacket nest poses danger to neighborhood

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People have seen an unusual problem in a South Albany neighborhood. Yellow jackets have taken up residence in a vacant house.

The people who live in the area on Cotton Avenue are worried about the safety of their children. When WALB news made it on scene, we could see and hear thousands of Yellow jackets swarming close to them.

Greg Wheeler was looking for his cousin's dog in an alley behind his home. He found the dog and a whole lot more.  Wheeler says the huge hive swarming with thousands of yellow jackets is a danger to children in the neighborhood.

"We're trying to keep them from getting stung by the bees or getting seriously hurt or having to rush them to the hospital," Wheeler said.

A beekeeper came out a couple days ago to remove the hive, but he said it's such a big project that he can't do it alone. He says he will need assistance from city of Albany Emergency Management.

Wheeler says it's a priority to have the hive removed because he has a young cousin who he believes is allergic to bee stings.

"Thank God no one has gotten stung yet," Wheeler said. "We're trying to prevent it and have a safe neighborhood so the kids can enjoy themselves."

While neighbors wait for help from the city, they're 'busy as bees' keeping their children and pets away from the swarming beehive.

Contact was made with an official at the Dougherty County Management Services department. Right now, the beekeeper is waiting for a reply from the city to help remove the hive.

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