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Movie being made by Church in Albany

February 18, 2003

Albany-- You may have seen what looked like a Hollywood film crew around Albany lately. Those are members of a church, making their own movie.

 One of the associate Pastors of Sherwood Baptist Church is the driving force behind making the feature film, title "Flywheel."

Just like a Hollywood production, they film the same scene over and over. Alex Kendrick is wearing lots of hats on the set. Kendrick is the writer of the movie, one of the producers, director, and lead actor. Kendrick said "We found a survey that said movies and Hollywood was more influential on lives than the Church. So the Head Pastor said if that is the way we need to go, let's do it."

The movie has a budget of 25 thousand dollars, which all went to buy equipment. The nearly 50 members of cast and crew are all volunteers.

Third grader Richie Hunneywell plays the car dealer's son. Hunneywell said "I thought I was a pretty good star, because I was in a movie at Church."

Camera Operator Tracy Goode said "Really, it's fun experience, a learning experience."

 Kendrick hopes the Carmike Cinemas will show his movie on their big screen. Four Christian Television Stations and Networks have already agreed to air it. If this works out, I'd love to do one a year. Next time it'll run smoother, cause now we have a grasp of what to do."

Production of their movie started November 22nd, they hope to wrap taping in a couple of weeks. The premiere of the 90 minute movie "Flywheel" is set for April 4th.

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