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Man pleads to multiple rapes

^ Daniel McCrary ^ Daniel McCrary

February 18, 2003

Albany-- An Albany man pleads guilty to raping two women. Thirty-five-year-old Daniel McCrary will spend 10 years in prison for raping the women.

Police say McCrary raped the first woman May 13th in a crack cocaine for sex trade. He took her to the woods near the Paul Eames Sports Complex, beat her with a cast on his arm, and left her in the woods.

Two days later he picked up another woman, took her to the same spot, beat and raped her. He was arrested later that week.

With one of his victims in the courtroom, the married auto mechanic this morning quietly confessed. "You understand by entering a plea of guilty you admit the facts alleged by the state?" asked the judge.

"Yes sir."

"Are these facts indeed true?"


"Yes, it's a violent crime," said Assistant D. A. Greg Edwards. "And ten years is mandatory/minimum. There is no parole involved in that situation. He's going to have to do everyday of it."

Daniel McCrary will spend 10 years in prison, and then serve 10 more years on probation.

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