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Robins Air Base overhauls radar systems

^  Mike Martin ^ Mike Martin

February 18, 2003

Warner Robins--The Air Forces' most sophisticated bomber, the B-52, depends on state of the art radar equipment to fly and fire it's weapons. As war looms, Georgia workers at Robins Air Force base are making sure those radar systems are working properly.

 Mike Martin is an electronic radar technician at Robins Air Base. His job is to overhaul the B-52's strategic radar system. This digital electronic radar controls both the bomber's ground mapping system to locate it's target, and it's mid-air avoidance system that flies the bomber when under attack.

Martin knows his work is vital in the Middle East. "That B-52 does not fly without us. There may be a lot of pilots out there, and a lot of airplanes. But there's only so many maintenance people to take care of it."

 Avionics Division Chief Colonel Skip Collins said "The electronic warfare systems in particular are the primary defense protection for the pilot. So that he or she may not be shot down."

Martin says watching the B-52's success bombing in Afghanistan in the war against terror made him proud of the work done at Robins Air Force Base.

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