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Pony nearly dies after dog attack

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

WORTH COUNTY,  GA (WALB) - Three dogs attacked and nearly killed a 12-year-old pony in Worth County.

The pony was fenced in his backyard when the dogs somehow got in and clawed and bit the pony all over his body. He barely survived.

His owners have him on pain medication, and he may lose one of his eyes. It's a heartbreaking sight. The poor pony reeked of open wounds and infection, was surrounded by a swarm of flies and clearly in an enormous amount of pain.

Meet Onyx, a 12-year-old Pony, in a lot of pain.

"Thursday night during the storm, a neighbor called the house saying dogs were attacking my pony," said owner Gary Stolze.

That neighbor scared the three dogs out of Gary Stolze's backyard even shot and killed one of them. Stolze found his pet trembling, cold, and bleeding.

"There was blood all over the ground. He was bleeding from his nose, stomach, ears, all over," said Stolze.

Now the once energetic, loving pony my lose his right eye, can barely walk, and only makes it through the day on pain medication and love.

"He stands in the yard, eats his grass, doesn't bother anybody. Then you have people that can't keep their dogs maintained and this is what happens," said Stolze.

The Stolze's and their neighbor who saw the attack said the dogs were pitbulls. Denis Barry, family friend and owner of a local pony park says the breed scares him.

"Never have I seen dogs chew up a pony like this," said Barry.

"I wish they would just get rid of the breed," said Stolze.

But there's a bigger issue that concerns Stolze the most.

"I have a 6-year-old daughter that plays in the yard a lot, she couldn't have survived," he said.

Onyx did, but just barely.

A lot of questions still unanswered. Who are the dog owners and will they be cited or forced to euthanize their pets?

I tried numerous times to get a hold of Worth county animal control officer Marilyn Mimms today but she refused to return my calls or answer any of my questions regarding the case.

Worth County has an animal ordinance. Dogs are not supposed to run lose. Owners are responsible for containing them on their property.

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