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Big 32 to be voted down

February 17, 2003

< STRONG> After nearly unanimously passing in the fall the Georgia High School Association's proposal of a Big 32 classification is expected to be voted down Tuesday in a specially calledexecutive meeting.< /STRONG>

The proposal, which called for the return to four classifications instead of the current five, allowed the 32 largest schools in the state to break away from their regions after the regular season was complete and form their own playoff system.

One of the three members of the executive board to originally vote against the Big 32 is Albany High head football coach and athletic director Scott Horton. Coach Horton believes in order to level the playing field, it may just be time to add yet another classification.

Coach Scott Horton said, "I think we need to play with the numbers a little bit more or look at adding a classification.  I know Alabama, Florida and South Carolina have six classifications.  I don't see why we can't do it now if we can do something that's fair across the board.  I'll be happy to go along with that."

The reclassification committee is expected to propose a new plan Tuesday in which 15 percent of the largest schools in the state will make up AAAAA, they also plan on changing the way they count private school enrollment by multiplying the number of students by 1.35 as opposed to the current 1.5.

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