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House considers new car seat legislation

February 17, 2003

Albany- Right now children in Georgia four and under are required to use a car or booster seat, but if the General Assembly passes House Bill 217 that age would be bumped up to seven for all kids under 4 feet 9 inches tall.

"Some kids have a tendency to mess with the doorknobs, some of the cars don't have safety locks on them, so that would be a good idea," says Delbrah Brown.

But Charles Kress thinks his five year old Darius would be too confined if he was forced to use a car seat. "I don't think he needs to be in a car seat. I recommend buckling him up, but a car seat I don't recommend it," says Kress.

The House Motor Vehicles Committee is also considering House Bill 175 that would make it unlawful for any person to smoke tobacco in a vehicle in the presence of a young child who is in a restraining system.

"That's fine with me. I don't smoke anyway and plus both of us have bronchitis, so that's a good idea," explains Kisa Porter as she picks up her daughter at daycare.

Delbrah Brown says adults must be responsible for the health of children that don't or can't voice opposition to second-hand smoke.

Critics in the House say the bill infringes on the personal freedom of Georgians, but its authors point to research that indicates a correlation between second-hand smoke and the number of upper-respiratory diseases in children.

Under the proposals, violators would be fined between $30 and $1000. Those caught smoking in a car with young passengers would be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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