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Driving safely with semis

February 17, 2003

ALBANY - Before they ever get behind the wheel, truck drivers go through a lot of training on how to avoid getting into a wreck with you. But few of us know how to drive safely around semis and how to keep from becoming a victim of their blind spots. 

Albany High School students are getting that training this week. They're learning about "no zones", or the places where truck drivers can't see you. To prove it, they get behind the wheel and see what a truck driver sees.

"Lot of these students never will get in tractor trailer, but they will share the road with them," Earl Yarbrough, Safety Manager said.

"When they start driving want them to teach early as you can where the blind spots are."

On the highway, a semi's biggest blind spot is the right side of the truck. The safety course is sponsored by the trucking company Landstar. Students at Albany's three other public high schools will go through the course later this week.

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