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Shoot a deer, help a charity

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ALBANY,  GA (WALB) - For many south georgians Saturday marked the start of their favorite time of year.

Firearm deer and hog hunting season began. Most hunters eat most of what they shoot, but some choose to give away some to help feed the hungry.

It's pretty common but of course it would be great if the numbers grew. With jobless rate out the roof, the homeless population growing, and non-profits suffering, a few pounds of meat can go further than you think.

In South Georgia, hunting is more than just a hobby. For Ralph Rump, it's a passion. And a way to help those less fortunate.

He's donating his early morning kill to Hunters for the Hungry, an organization that distributes meat to families in need.

"I think we all should do things like that," he said.

Last year he donated fifteen hogs and eight deer. But first, he brought them all here to Wayne's Deer Processing.

"We had about 25 to 30 deer and 10 to 15 hogs donated last year," said meat processor Wayne Glass.

And just one donation can go a long way. In one box they store in their freezer there's about 65 pounds of meat inside, and that's just from one deer.

Ground venison that can be prepared in the form of chili, lasagna, and burgers.

"We have so many people in town that need food. I do a lot of donations to the rescue mission in town," said Glass.

Over at the Anchorage, a non-profit that houses and counsels men dealing with drug and alcohol addictions, a little meat goes a long way.

"We have 55 men with us at all times," said Director Kenny Phillips.

With a food budget of only $1150 a month, and dwindling money donations, they're grateful when hunters help them out.

"We've had hunters that say we've got deer, we don't need the meat, are you interested?" said Phillips.

Of course, their answer is yes. A simple way to keep hungry mouths fed, a hard-working man busy, and hunters smiling, knowing they made a contribution with nothing but a camouflage suit, a bullet, and a giving heart.

If you are a hunter and want to donate deer, hogs, fish, anything you hunt to any non-profit organization of your choosing, simply call them, find out what they need.

Some non-profit organizations will even pay for part of the processing fee.

The Georgia Hunters for the Hungry program is part of the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division. Last year hunters contributed almost 30,000 pounds of venison to the program.

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