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Will demolition ruin Radium Springs?

February 17, 2003

Albany - After hearing from dozens of concerned citizens, Dougherty County commissioners are asking FEMA to consider studying the environmental impact the demolition of the Radium Casino would have on the Springs.

On Monday, Commissioners voted to send FEMA a letter telling the agency about the public concern that demolition may cause the caverns under the building to collapse and possibly contaminate the aquifer. The vote came after citizens approached commissioners about paying for a environmental impact study that would cost about $8,000.

"If the caverns collapse and any contamination to the water occurs, the county will have a lawsuit on its hands," said Morgan Murphy, Casino supporter.

Commissioners quickly said the county wouldn't pay for the study. Then, the citizens group asked commissioners if they could study the land if paid for through private donations. But the county attorney advised against it, saying commissioners would be stepping on the toes of FEMA which has ordered the demolition. It could be weeks before the county hears back from FEMA regarding the study.

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