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GPS can steer your tractor

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

MOULTIRE, GA (WALB) - The real power and excitement at 2009's Sunbelt Ag Expo were in the fields where farmers were looking for new technology to improve their equipment's efficiency.

Steer Tractor Technology was popular in the ride and drive demo areas. Peanut farmers can lose up to 10 percent of their crop by not digging up some areas they've planted.

Companies like John Deere and Trimble Navigation say GPS and new easy guide technologies can help farmers know exactly where to dig. 

"What that allows us to do is get more utilization out of that machine you may be running it longer hours because you're not worried about where you're going or how accurately you're driving," said Sid Siefken of Trimble Navigation.

The easy guide system can be retrofitted to more than a thousand different tractor models making it more affordable than purchasing a new tractor.

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