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New jet service in full swing at Valdosta airport

February 17, 2003

Valdosta - John Woodruff is a frequent flier from the Valdosta Regional Airport and is accustomed to the now retired Brasilia turbo prop jets. He's eager to try out the new Regional Jets. "It sounds great to me," said Woodruff. "Anything faster and more comfortable has to be a good thing."

Passengers who've already flown on the new aircraft say the advantages over the Brasilia turbo props are endless. "It provides for a faster and quieter flight, gives a lot of leg room, and is a more luxurious aircraft," said Rod Casey. "The two-by-two seating arrangement also gives all passengers at least an aisle or window seat."

Right now, passengers can only fly from the Valdosta Regional Airport to Atlanta. But in the future, the new Regional Jets could increase the flight range. "This jet could fly into Houston or other big airports and take passengers all over the United States, rather than to Atlanta where we have to get on another plane," said Casey.

And while an increase in comfort usually means an increase in cost, ASA officials say ticket prices will stay the same. "We base our ticket prices on where you're flying, not how you're flying so prices won't increase," said Kent Landers, Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

The new aircrafts can cruise at speeds of up to 530 miles per hour and will cut flight time nearly in half.

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