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Heavy demand for "To God Be The Glory" T-shirts

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A T-shirt created to show support for a Fitzgerald High football player, is being bought by people from around the nation. The T-shirt was inspired by a player who was penalized for excessive celebration when he pointed to the heavens to thank God.

Pioneer Graphics, a small T-shirt shop in Fitzgerald Georgia, has been extra busy lately. Employees have been working around the clock trying to meet the demands this shirt is creating.

"We've had several states Mississippi, South Carolina, Indiana. I know shirts have gone to Kansas and North Carolina and South Carolina," said owner Sikes Mccord.

"I get calls at home and on my cell phone from people I don't know how they get my number but they are calling wanting T-shirts," said screen printer Scott Martin.

The T-shirt was created after Fitzgerald high school football player R. J. Davis was flagged for excessive celebration after he pointed to the sky and gave thanks to God.

Now, the shirt has created a wave of response from people all over America.

"The first week every few minutes they were calling are you guys the R. J. shirts? That's what they were calling them the RJ shirts," said Martin.

So far pioneer graphics has printed nearly 500 shirts and made nearly 4,000 dollars in profit.

"I still thought 10 or 12 shirts would be it, I never dreamed it would be this many," said shirt creator Joi Kinnett.

But the owner says he plans on donating a substantial amount of the money to the fellowship of Christian athletes.

"I think people are tired of being told what they can and cant do and this is fine young man that made a stance and these people got behind him," said Mccord.

In the meantime, workers are still in shock this $10.00 T-shirt could cause such a large response.

"Whoever thought one penalty could have sold 600 T-shirts," said Martin.

But they plan to keep printing the shirts no matter how many are needed, in hopes the shirt inspires people all over the world.

Pioneer Graphics now plans to make "to God be the Glory" signs for a fundraiser an elementary school is holding.

Sikes McCord at Pioneer Graphics

228 S Grant St, Fitzgerald 

 229.423.6688 for the T-shirt

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