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Law enforcers on target during firearm training

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COOK COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Law enforcers hope they'll never have to fire their weapons in the line of duty, but they have to be ready.

On Tuesday, Cook County Sheriff's deputies hit the firing range for required training to make sure they'll be on target if they have to shoot their guns.

Most law officers rarely have to use their guns. But in case they do, these Cook County Sheriff's officers will be ready to defend community members and themselves.

"We have shot guns, rifles, and handguns and we try to train on all of them," said Cook County Sheriff John Daughtrey.

The Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council requires all law enforcers across the state to go through this training at least once a year.

Sheriff Daughtrey says firing skills are improved through training.

 "It really improves it when you got someone whose confident in his ability to handle his firearms, and confidence in his ability to hit the mark that he's shooting at," said Daughtrey.

One of the instructors says most the time in burglaries or armed robberies, there are multiple offenders. Many times it's hard to tell whose armed. That's why it's important in these situations for officers to have their gun out, ready to protect innocent people and themselves.

 "I don't think anybody doing any kind of law enforcement can not do enough practice," said Instructor Monty Sapp. "You don't ever do enough practice. The bad guys out there, practice all the time."

They learn and re-learn the basics of using firearms and safety.

"Put their thumb on back of the slide of the glock," said Daughtrey. "If they've got their thumbs on the slide when they're pushing it in the holster, this finger won't be on the trigger so they won't have an accidental discharge."

 I even got a chance to try firing a handgun for the first time and got 12 bullets on target. The sheriff's office has a women's firing course coming up this weekend.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office just got four HK733 rifles. These are automatic weapons so they'll have to have specialized training.

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