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S. Georgians say "No" to war

February 15, 2003

Valdosta- "Jesus would not bomb." That's just one of the anti-war messages South Georgia protestors are trying to send.

"The second Commandment is love thy neighbor as thy self, and the neighbor from my perspective is not someone who lives across the street, but it's all humanity. War is never really an answer," says Minister Al Boyce.

Protestors say they aren't being pacifists, but that the reasons to attack Saddam Hussein just aren't good enough.

"We need more information than what we're getting, but sure there have been just causes for war. This isn't one of them," claims John Tate.

"All I see is desperation and misery for thousands of people in Iraq and it saddens me severely, and I don't want our innocent youth killed either in a war that I believe is about other things than what the president tells us it is," adds Sabrina Acevedl.

Not only will the protestors hold rallies every weekend until President Bush gets the message, they will also be reaching him through mail.

"We're sending letters to President Bush and rice for peace based on Romans 12:20 -if your enemy hunger feed him- and send rice not bombs," explains Virginia Branen.

Organizers say letters and rice were very effective during President Eisenhower's term, and they're hoping in 2003 the impact will be just as great.

The rally in Valdosta was just on 300 held around the world Saturday. The rallies will be held every Friday at Drexel Park and every Sunday at the courthouse.

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