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Ty Ty cleans up after strong wind gusts

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - EMA officials say thankfully there was no tornado in the area, but 60 mile per hour wind gusts that hit the area can be just as damaging.

It's hard not to see tons of debris, some trees down and that metal thing is someone's storage shed that blew into their front yard, but some residents recall the experience itself to be worse than the actual damage.

For 11-year old Jessie Yawn, it was an experience he says he wont forget. "It sounded like a train coming through, but all I heard was roaring."

He and his mother were sitting inside their home last night watching TV when the storm hit. They recall hearing the tin roof on their front porch rattling, but say they had no idea it was trapping them inside.

"It flipped it upside down and on the porch I had about 6 to 8 inches to open my door; I couldn't even get out," Angela Yawn said.  "As it went on I started shaking more and more but then firefighters came and moved the tin."

Joey Walker lives just a few houses down and says he ran to the bathroom for safety when he heard the strong winds. "I was praying. I was just praying nothing else would happen," he said.

But when he thought the coast was clear he realized a giant tree limb fell through his roof. "Water got all over the floor beds got wet, shelves tanning bed got wet everything got wet in there."

EMA officials say residents in the area were not experiencing a tornado but 60 mile per hour wind gusts.

Officials say the wind gust were strong enough to knock down trees and power lines and even lead to a traffic accident.

"Our house was so insulated we didn't hear it but they did, and they said their whole house was shaking,"  said Tim Hall.

Some folks say they were without power for nearly five hours, but say crews were on scene immediately working to clean the road and restore power to the area.

"When the power came on, I jumped, because it caught me off guard," said Hall.

But residents say damage aside, they were thankful nothing worse came about from the storm.

Earlier this year in Ty Ty, the EMA director says there were some similar wind gusts that managed to flip a car over, so whether it's a tornado or not, its best to be prepared.

Officials recommend signing up CODE RED weather alerts if your area has it, using a weather radio, and watching the news if your power has not gone out to keep updated.

Of course, WALB will always broadcast weather alerts as soon as they are issued.

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