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WG&L wants your help to keep street lights burning

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's something you may take for granted, until it's not there. Well-lit streets at night. There are thousands of street lights all over the city of Albany. But often they are damaged by vandals, even shot out.

Replacing those lights is expensive, and WG&L officials want you to help alert them when someone is taking aim to darken our streets.

Criminals like to keep their acts hidden from the light. That's why more and more lights are getting taken down around town. "Since July, we've had 27 shot out and obviously if they're being shot out, they're being shot out so people can do nefarious things in the dark. We always say pests don't like the light," said Lorie Farkas.

Water, Gas and Light has more than 11,000 Street Lights throughout the city of Albany. And they keep most of them brightly lit 365 nights a year, but they can't catch all the ones that are out and need your help to help them.

Farkas said, "It's real important if you have a street light out, just give me a call or give energy control a call." But the cost of repairing each light can add up quick. "They're around $40 to replace each one and it gets quite expensive when you keep going back to the same neighborhood over and over."

Especially when those lights are taken out in order to allow for a dirty deal to go down. "I think somebody shooting out 27 street lights to me is appalling," said Farkas.

Now that school is back in, workers are hoping those numbers will go back down, and neighbors will call in when they see someone vandalizing a light.

There is a difference between a street light and a security light that you may see in an alley. Security lights are paid by the homeowner. If you want one installed in the alley behind your home, call Water, Gas and Light.

They'll see if there is an available poll to attach the light to. If one is installed it costs about $10 a month.

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