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Victim of crime wants to be victim no more

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Albany woman says she's sick of criminals taking what they want from people in her neighborhood. Her car was stolen on Monday, used in a store break-in. She got it back, but it doesn't work.

Just last night, her neighbor's home was broken into. Dorothy Walker has lived in her home on Barton Avenue for 14 years, and it's always been peaceful, until recently.

She says thieves are stealing everything from cars to valuables in people's homes, but she's sick of it and wants to take back her neighborhood. At the very least, Dorothy Walker says the thieves were thoughtful.

"They took my mailbox up and pulled my mail box up very gently, not hurting it, good robbers," she said.  "They laid my mailbox down, didn't damage it. Took my car and pushed it cross the curbstone, down the road somewhere and started it up."

And they did more than just go for a joy ride. "They ran my car into a store, my bumper is messed up."

They used it to break into a shell station on Clark Avenue. When Walker woke up, she realized her car was gone and went looking for it. "Call me the FBI," she said.

Walker did find her car and even got it home, but when she used the keys to start it, she couldn't get it to crank. "It's not like no money going to fall out no tree to fix this stuff."

So she's got a broken car. Wednesday night, her neighbor's home was broken into.

Walker said, "She's worked for years to get all that stuff. It ain't came over night." But it was gone overnight." "It went over night."

Now, she wants it to end. "We as citizens, we got to band together, we got to try to get some of this crime out of our neighborhood. Take back our neighborhood. We got to. That's the only way we going to get it back."

Back from the criminals and back to the peaceful street she once knew. Walker warns neighbors to watch out for one another and know that crooks are watching you. They know your schedule and when you'll be away from your home.

Remember, you can call a police tip line anytime you have information that may lead to the arrest of criminals. That number is 436-TIPS.

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