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A Valentine visit at Fort Benning

February 14, 2003

Thomasville - Many spouses and loved ones are away from their Valentines Friday night. Some because they have been called to duty, but those still stationed in Georgia may be getting a Valentine visit.

On February 6, 2003, the 1148th Transportation Group left the Thomasville Army National Guard for Fort Benning. Judy Young says, "We just miss him, an empty space right now."

Mrs. Young's husband, Staff Sergeant Johnny Lamar Young, Senior was one of the 128 soldiers who left. She laughs, "Very anxious."

Mrs. Young is on her way to Columbus this weekend to see her honey. Valentines Day makes the trip a little more special. The Transportation Group is just waiting on an order to go overseas. She says, "We keep each other informed what's going on."

Mrs. Young is President of a support group in Thomasville. She says, "We don't want war." Most wives in the group feel like war is unnecessary and Young says she would protest.

She does not support the war, but she supports the troops. Mrs. Young says everyday gets a little easier, but her and her kids are still adjusting to the empty space in their lives.

The support group is called Family Readiness Group. They also have a military official who watches over the support group and is available to answer questions.

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