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War protestors march

^ Vodicka, at left, seen at a protest with an Americus doctor. ^ Vodicka, at left, seen at a protest with an Americus doctor.

February 14, 2003

Americus-- Some south Georgians are showing their opposition to war. Every Friday for the past three weeks, they've gathered in downtown Americus during lunchtime, quietly holding signs.

And, they are getting noticed. "Honk for peace..." says John Cole Vodicka, Director of the Prison and Jail Project.

The cars passing by make more noise than the people protesting war. Vodicka sometimes waves at passing cars-- but most of the time stands quietly holding an anti-war sign. "Don't believe we are in the minority," Vodicka said. "Standing here, I think the majority has serious reservations fighting the war."

This is how Vodicka plans to fight against a war with Iraq. But when he was a young man, he took a different stance. "I made a lot of poor choices as a young man," said Cole. "One was dropping out of college at the height of the Vietnam war. I was immediately drafted, after 6 months made a decision to refuse orders to get on a craft bound for Southeast Asia."

That decision cost him one year in prison. Today, he still holds fast to an anti-war belief, like the people standing next to him on Forsyth Street in Americus.

While some drivers passing by "honked their horn for peace" many drivers choose not to give a show of support. But, this group will keep standing on this block, hopeful their signs will change some minds. The group plans to continue meeting every Friday at noon indefinitely.

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