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Superlative Officers honored by Exchange Club

February 14, 2003

Albany-- Law enforcement officers are not always appreciated for the jobs they do, but they were saluted by the Exchange Club.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper Darryl Benton is seldom thanked for his work while patroling. So when the Exhange Club of Albany honored him as the Post's Officer of the Year, it was a special honor.

"A lot of times we get out here and perform our duties in the city, the state, and the county," said Benton. "And a lot of times, your are right, you don't get the recognition. But it does help sometimes when someone does take the time to say thank you."

The Exchange Club also honored these other Officers of the Year:

  • Sgt. Leonard Bell, Albany Police Department
  • Corporal Mark Carson, Department of Natural Resources
  • Lance Corporal John Blazewick, MCLB Military Police
  • Sgt. Julius Phillips, Dougherty County Police Department
  • Sgt. Frank Casey, Dougherty County Sheriff's Office


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