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World War II veteran honored

^ J. C. Slaughter ^ J. C. Slaughter

February 14, 2003

Brooks County - For the past four years, Viola Frazier has led a one-woman campaign to clear her father's name. "It's taken a while, and I've faced a lot of rejection, but it's been worth it," said Frazier.

Friday, with the help of Congressman Sanford Bishop, Frazier's efforts finally paid off. "He's going to receive seven medals and finally, he'll have closure and restore his reputation," said Frazier.

J. C. Slaughter served on the front line in World War II, until he was hit with a mortar round, leaving a hole in his leg the size of a fist. After more than two months in the hospital, Slaughter was ordered back to the front line, but he could barely stand. "They told me to go back, but I said I can't even walk, how am I supposed to fight?" said Slaughter.

Slaughter was sentenced to life in prison for disobeying orders. Two years later, he was dishonorably discharged and sent home with only 20 dollars to his name. "It hurt, and I was embarrassed," said Slaughter.

But thanks to the efforts of his only child, Slaughter has finally received his long overdue recognition. "I'm so proud of my father," said Frazier. "We've waited so long for this day." "She never gave up on me," said Slaughter.

And after 58 years of trying to rebuild his life, Slaughter says he's finally at peace and can be proud of his time served in the military.

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