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Where in the World is this car cafe?

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February 14, 2003

Thirty-two thousand dollars. That was the amount one lady saw when her check came at lunch recently. It seems at this cafe, it's not the $6.00 sandwiches that are turning heads-- it's the appetizers that are sending some into sticker shock.

It's another morning at the cafe, where workers are talking turkey and cuttin' up over the day's events so far. But deep down, everyone secretly wonders who will get stuck with the most expensive lunch.

We asked Jean Walker, since she knows everyone, but it's hard to get a word in edgewise. "I ought to be the greeter at Walmart," says Jean.

Salads, sandwiches and sweet tea are on the menu today, but at this cafe the waiters hope you'll start your meal with a '59 Corvette, or a new Yukon. "We had one lady who ordered a sandwich and by the end of the meal she drove off in a new Monte Carlo. That was a $32,000 meal," says Angela.

Across these tables countless deals and family budgets have been discussed, while pictures of the dealership's founder looks on. Mister Walker bought the lot in 1934 with six used cars.

And after his wedding in '47, his wife Jean has driven a new Chevrolet ever since; each with her favorite feature. "Air conditioning!"

But you wouldn't find her in the Corvettes and Camaros of the sixties.
"Noooo. I am a traditional girl. I wanted station wagons."

And today she and the family run the cafe, which started as a way to keep the dealership afloat after mister walker died. Today it's a place to catch up with friends, or discuss a car as aroma from the deli lingers.

Need a salad, or a Chevy? Head to Nesmith Walker Chevrolet, where if you buy a car you get a sandwich.

"But if I buy a sandwich, do I get a car?"


The family serves about 60 lunches a day in the dealership, Which is located right off Highway 84 in downtown Jesup.

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