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You're on DCP's camera

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  South Georgia Police Officers continue to use new technology in their work.

The next time you talk with a Dougherty County Police Officer, you could be on camera.

Dougherty County Police Officers are now equipped with the latest in video equipment. Officers are wearing the Muvi LE camera in their pocket, recording audio and video every time they talk to people in a case.

"I think they are a great tool to benefit us as well as the public," Officer J. C. Shiver said.  

The camera is only two inches long, switches on with one button, but gives the Officers the best, fairest protection in case of attack, in case a complaint is filed against him.

"It's great evidence. Two it protects officers against complaints or misconduct, when in fact there is no misconduct," Chief Don Cheek said.

The camera works with a SD memory cards like a blackberry, and officers have to download it into computer after their shift. And you can see the quality is surprisingly good.

In a demonstration Officer Shiver said "Failure to stop at a stop sign."

Cheek said "I'll try to do better next time, Officer."

"Yes sir, you have a safe day."

 "All right, thank you."

Officers can also record crime scenes quickly with the camera to give the best evidence. Now that Dougherty County Police are wearing the cameras, other law enforcement agencies are investigating.

"Albany Dougherty Drug Unit has now ordered some, and I've shown these to both the Sheriff's Department. They seem very interested, and to Albany P. D.," Cheek said.

Cheek said his Officers know the cameras are recording, and reminds them to always act the most professionally at all times. Already at least one complaint against an Officer was proven false by the camera, and the officers like that protection.  

Chief Cheek said he got them for less than $100 apiece.

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