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People still dress up for Halloween during recession

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THOMASVILLE,  GA (WALB) - It's almost time for trick-or-treating. And some of the costumes you see on your doorstep cost a lot of money.

For some people it's worth the money to have some fun. But this year many people are taking the time to make their own costume, get a little creative to save a few bucks.

What's not to love about Halloween? It's an excuse to eat sinful treats. And with a simple change of clothes, you can transform into something scary, something sweet, or something sexy.

"It's the only time we get to dress up sexy," said shopper Amber Seago.

But in a recession are people dressing up like they used to? Based on high sales at the Halloween Store in Thomasville the answer is yes.

For many people it's the one time of year they get to dress up and have some fun so they say it's worth the money.

"It's 40 bucks, but she'll get to wear it around the house, so its worth it," said new mother Nicole Bramblett.

But her adorable piglet comes with a sacrifice.

"I'm not dressing up or anything just going to let her do it this year," said Bramblett.

Summer Thigpen sees things differently. "You only wear it once, so I can't see spending a lot of money."

64-year-old Brenda Register may just have the winning solution to putting together the perfect costume for half the price.

"Usually I find what I need in the Goodwill, it's a good place for a costume,"

She shops a little here, a little there, and a little in her closet. Extra trips, but it saves her money. Important because not dressing up, is not an option.

"I've always been kinda a youngin', always dressed up. Halloween is my favorite holiday," she said.

And from the looks of things, she's not alone. 

It's probably a good idea to not wait until the last minute to shop for your costume. Stores usually only order limited numbers and the one you want may be sold.

And remember many stores around town and online mark their costumes down drastically after halloween so you may want to buy next year's costume this year.

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