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Humvees and rough terrain vehicles stored at MCLB

February 13, 2003

Albany - MCLB Albany supplies essential vehicles and equipment to military troops around the world. All that equipment is stored in millions of square feet of space on the base.

Rows of earth moving vehicles and rough terrain fork lifts, ready to roll on a moments notice. Fleet Support Division Supervisor, Scott Johnson, "We in Fleet Support Division store and maintain equipment and ship it out to Fleet Marine Forces when they need it."

In another MCLB warehouse, Humvees stacked to save space. Johnson says, "We have ground weapon systems for US Marine Corps, basically everything from binoculars to combat ordinance type vehicles."

Also, military ambulances to go, but they are property of the US Army. DDAG Commander, Major Mark Campaigne, says, "We order equipment for Army Force Provider Program. We put it in containers and ship it out to that army war fighter who's out in the fox hold and used to living in difficult conditions. We make his quality of life a little better." For instance, cold weather kits are sent with heaters. Major Campaigne says, "We send out anywhere from 20 to 50 truckloads everyday."

Most likely the supplies will end up overseas. Major Campaigne explains, "By doing our job right and getting that equipment out there, the morale can be at it's best possible level. They will be more at a position to succeed at that mission."

MCLB is one of only two Marine Corps Remote Storage Facilities in nation. The other is in California.

MCLB has 1.4 million square feet of covered warehouse space and 5.6 million uncovered.

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