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Berrien schools cancel classes due to sickness

February 13, 2003

Nashville - Candice Bullington has spent the past two weeks out of school and home in bed. "I feel terrible, my stomach hurts and I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping," said Bullington.

Candice is one of hundreds of Berrien County students who've been out of school this week with a highly contagious flu-like virus. The record-breaking number of absences has forced school officials to cancel classes tomorrow.

"We have a holiday Monday for President's Day, so we feel like with four days at home, everyone should hopefully be well by Tuesday," said Wendell Christian, Superintendent.

At Berrien High School, 106 students were out sick Wednesday, adding to the school system's total of 598 absences. "The one's who are absent are coming back to catch up on work, but they're not completely well so they're infecting everyone else," said Christian.

Jarett Luke's class is only half full today, and many of the ones who are in class have been out sick this week and don't seem to be completely well. "In my six years here, I've never seen this many students absent," said Luke. "Everyone's coughing, sneezing, and its like an infirmary."

Dr. Richard Wheeler says the extra day out of school should help classes fill back up. "The much needed rest and relaxation will definitely help break the cycle, and hopefully we'll beat this."

After the schools close this afternoon, the facilities will be disinfected, in hopes of starting classes on a clean and healthy slate Tuesday.

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