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Machine Shop is vital to military support

Febraury 13, 2003

MCLB Albany- Marine Base employees don't just handle big military equipment, or things that shoot. Some other work done here also will have a direct effect on troops in the Persian Gulf.

An automated punch machine is cutting an aluminum sheet. It's making parts for field air conditioners that will be used in tents in the desert in Kuwait.

"You program it on the computer, and it tells the machine how to make the cuts and where to make the cuts," said Sheet Metal Mechanic Vincent Payne.

The spinning cylinder changes the tools used for the job. It takes four different tools to cut and punch holes in this air conditioner part.

But just like an LAV, or a .50 caliber rifle, the A/C has its place with our troops, and when the temperature rises well past 100, it may be just as necessary.

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