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Marines put in time on firing range

February 13, 2003

MCLB Albany-- Military police are vital to the security of our base. They are the gatekeepers, so they regularly train on the field and the shooting range. And sometimes, they take on the role of trainer.

The Marine Special Reaction Team is a highly trained, elite force. Just yards away, there's Marine target practice of a different kind.

Many of these Marines have never fired a shotgun. "For those of you who've never fired a shotgun, it will kick." He's talking about the kick of a pump action shotgun.

Pulling the trigger is perhaps the easy part. "Make sure your hand remains on the pump and pull it forward." There's so much to remember.

And a target to think about. "We’re going to fire from 25 yards, then 15 yards, then 7 yards." Hitting the target is sometimes secondary to just staying on your feet. It's not easy, but it's necessary.

You see, all Marines have to know how to shoot. Even the band, which on this day is making a different kind of noise. The band members did really well on the shooting range.

And believe me, firing those shotguns is tough. I'm still nursing a sore shoulder from just firing five rounds.

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