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BRAG rolls into Tift Co.

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Move over cars and trucks-  bicycles are taking over Tifton this weekend, close to 1,000 people are expected to take part in a three day Georgia Bike Fest.

BRAG stands for Bike Ride Across Georgia and the non-profit organization hosts various events throughout the year. This week Georgia BikeFest is in Tifton and not only is the event good for your health, but its good for the local economy too.

Hallie Davidson didn't start riding until she was fifty years old. "I just did the 20 mile ride because I haven't ridden in two years I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Now she's 71, and says she doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon.

"You just get on and go and your legs get used to oh, were doing something different, and you just keep going,"

Hallie is one of 350 people who registered for Bike Ride Across Georgia, also known as BRAG. This year marks the event's 31st anniversary, and every year the ride attracts hundreds of avid cyclists to Georgia from all over America.

"Brag is not a race its just a ride and people of all ages and abilities can ride this."

This year is the first year Tifton played host to the event, and Davidson says she enjoyed the new scenery.

"I was watching for deer, I stopped and took pictures of cotton I haven't seen that, so that was kind of new, and I'm waiting for peanuts."

Local officials are expecting this event to give a major boost to the local economy.

"Its very big for us, because when you bring in 1,00 people either in riders or supporters, they leave a lot of money into town."

Tyron Spearman, head of the tourism association says some folks are camping out and eating at the recreation department, but others are taking advantage of the hotels and restaurants in Tifton.

"We are suspecting a couple million over the weekend that could impact the entire area, you have to buy gas you have to buy equipment."

BRAG officials say most people are expected to come to the event for the 100 mile ride on Saturday. 

Each day the event offers something new for riders, for example Saturday's ride is called "counting Chickens to Fitzgerald" where a small prize will be given to the rider who counts the most chickens in Fitzgerald. Mayor Jamie Cater is expected to join in on that ride.

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