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Fighter jets fly over Albany

February 12, 2003
Albany-Another sign that war is on the horizon; fighter jets in the skies over Albany.

Two Marine F-18's stopped at Piedmont-Hawthorne at the Albany airport for refueling.

They flew in around 3 o'clock and circled several times waiting for clearance to land. By the time they were on the ground, onlookers were gathered outside the gates.

"They came across the top of the building and I didn't know what was wrong," said onlooker Ashton Hicks. "They circled back around. I saw them coming down the street and we followed them."

"That was mostly amazing," said 6-year-old Brandon Buckhalter. "I can't believe I saw them."

An official at Piedmont-Hawthorne wouldn't say where the jets were from or where they were going.

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