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State lawmakers look at tax break for teachers

February 12, 2003
Dougherty County-Some Georgia lawmakers want to give teachers a tax break for taking cash out of their own pockets for things like bright posters and eye-catching bulletin boards.

A bill introduced this week would give them a tax credit for up to $250 worth of supplies each year.

Radium Springs Elementary teacher Valerie Lohn-Rouse says she spends about $500 a year for everything from snacks for students to her classroom aquarium. She says some things people might consider as frills make students more eager to learn.

"Anything you can add to your classroom to spark the children's interest that can be applied and used along with science or reading lessons," Lohn-Rouse said. "Why not try to get it and have it."

Parents are asked to bring supplies for the classroom at the beginning of the school year... but teachers say they're usually gone halfway through the year.

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