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Valdosta participates in National Fire Prevention Week

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Youngsters learned lessons today that could save their life.

The Valdosta Fire Department is putting on fun events to teach fire safety to kids.

Puppets sing to children about fire safety today at the Valdosta Mall.

"Stop, drop, and roll," said Caleb McPherson, Oma's Learning Center.

McPherson is four years old. He and his classmates from Oma's Learning Center are catching on fast.

"They know what to do when an alarm goes off everybody gets on the floor and crawls and I think it's good to start at a young age because they can pass it on, said Danielle Carswell of Oma's Learning Center. "They can go home and tell their brothers and sisters."

Sgt. Chris Feuerstein says kids are more open to new ideas and eager to learn. This is why fire education is taught at an early age.  

This fire safety house is designed to simulate a real house fire. Smoke fills the room, doors heat up, which give kids an opportunity to practice escaping a house fire.

This hands-on approach helps kids retain what they've learned. Children get down on their hands and knees and crawl out of the house. They learn not to touch a hot pot that's on the stove to the importance of having a working smoke alarm.

"The more fire safety we can teach people the better it is, and safer it is, for them and for us," said Sgt. Feuerstein.

Statistics show every 78 seconds a residential fire occurs.  

"If your clothes catch on fire stop drop and roll," says Sgt. Feuerstein. "If there's a fire go outside and don't hide. Have a fire escape plan. Don't play with matches and lighters. Just all the basic stuff kids need to know."

A thousand kids took part in this week's activities including Children's Friend. 

"We protect our head so if something falls from the roof it won't knock us down or knock us unconscious," said Firefighter Willie Thomas.

They learned all about a fireman's clothing, the parts of a fire truck, and fire safety basics.

To find out more about National Fire Prevention Week, click here. You can also arrange to attend a puppet show, by calling Valdosta Mall Marketing Director Enid Santan at (229) 242-0457.  

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