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Valentine's Day almost here

February 13, 2003

Albany- This will be James and Beatrice Hinman's thirty-eighth Valentine's day together, and they say there's no secret to their longevity.

James says, "I love her with all of my heart, and we treat each other with respect, and we laugh a lot."

Beatrice says James helps her experience Valentine's Day 365 days a year. While this couple isn't worried about bears and balloons, other shoppers we talked to told us what they are looking for.

Damian Jackson says, "I'm looking for perfume, a card and candy." Amanda Young says, "My boyfriend is getting boxers, balloons and candy."

Keepsakes Company has several Valentine's Day carts all over the mall. From bushels of balloons to huge bears, workers say shoppers are having a hard time making a selection.

Lynn Thrasher with Keepsakes says, "Guys come up here, and they intend on getting one thing, but by the time they leave, they have something much bigger."

Shoppers say no matter the cost, they just want to let that special someone know they care.

Keepsakes says they have sold all their Valentines merchandise the last three years, and they expect to do the same this year.

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