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Lee County 7th grader best young writer in the state

Veronica Staten, mother (l) Kayla Staten, student (r) Veronica Staten, mother (l) Kayla Staten, student (r)


By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Lee County 7th grader is one of the best young writers in the state.

12-year-old Kayla Staten won first place for her age group in the Young Georgia Authors writing contest.

Teachers selected student writings for the competition.

Kayla's winning entry was a poem she wrote about author Maya Angelou last school year.

Kayla left for Atlanta on Wednesday where she'll be recognized by the State Board of Education on Thursday.


Kayla Staten poem:                          



Maya Angelou

My, my Maya,

You sure have come a long way

From being the insecure little girl

You were back in the day.


A spirit so pretty

Like a cover on a magazine,

She's altogether

A fluent poetry writing machine.


Bright as a flame

Her wisdom shines.

Courage in her words

You're sure to find.


Millions of awards won-

Poetry is just her thing;

No iron fist could ever keep her quiet;

This caged bird was born to sing.


Cocoa colored skin-

She wished it was lighter.

Little did she know

It made her a fighter.


Boom! Her words explode

Off the page

Inspiring generations

No matter the age.


Though her childhood was hard

And tough at times,

She learned to cope with it

Throughout her poetry lines.




"Ain't I a woman?"

That's what she asked.

She refused to hide

Behind a mask.


When she writes,

The pen sings a song

And causes the paper

To sing along.


She stands for realism and strength;

She has paid her dues.

She reminds us all that

All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes.


She loved to write but also dance.

And she did it well

Whenever she got a chance.


Maya is loved by everyone-

By no one disliked,

And through her stories

She has no problem sharing her plight.


Since she's basically lived

On her own,

She's taught herself

Well and grown.


When you glance her way

You see a pretty poetic dame-

Author of the book

Gather Together in My Name.


From the back woods to Hollywood

This poet has come

To bring hope to many

And happiness to some.



Kayla Staten

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