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Tifton enforces daytime curfew

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Do you know what your kids are doing during the day? Hopefully they're in school, but if they're not and they are school-aged, they could get in trouble in Tifton. Because of an increase in daytime crime, Tifton Police are more strictly enforcing a curfew.

Just a few months ago, the city council adopted a daytime curfew because police noticed a sharp increase in daytime crimes.

"We caught kids who had been expelled from school, teenagers who were breaking into houses and cars they were out of school committing the crimes standing on the corner involved with the wrong things," said Tifton Police chief James Smith.

Which sparked the need for a curfew to keep kids off the streets.

"The thing about this ordinance is not only should it cut down on crime but its a little incentive to keep these kids in school where they need to be," said Smith.

Torrie Adams works as a school resource officer at Sixth street academy, an alternative school and so far she has issued six curfew citations all given to kids at the alternative school who were either skipping or suspended.

"The last time I gave a sanction for daytime curfew was a tip from the mall they had on a uniform from 6th street academy and they were just and about and the merchants called," said Torrie Adams, Tifton SRO.

Adams says once a student is issued a citation, they will have to appear before a juvenile judge who will then decide the penalty. But if they rack up 12 points, they will be sent to a youth detention center.

"Its just like jail the only difference is its youth and they get to go to school..they still have school," said Adams. 

Police say it all boils down to the parents..they are responsible for watching their own kids, and need to keep track of where they are each day.

To view a copy of the full ordinance visit  http://www.tifton.net/Ordinances.html

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