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Engineers deployed from Ft. Benning

February 12, 2003

Ft. Benning - More soldiers are on the move from Fort Benning. The 36th Engineer Group is heading to Kuwait. The soldiers deployed Wednesday have a mixture of talents and skills. Some set up communication networks in the field, others survey and design roads.

Soldiers wear the same uniforms, but under the camouflage you find different stories. US Army Engineer Inspection Officer, Jacey Wood, says, "We got married September 28th, a week after he came back. We went to Las Vegas then he left again (for Kuwait). Here I go, newlyweds both going to Kuwait together."

The 22-year-old is being deployed from Fort Benning. On her ring finger, what she calls a battlefield ring. Wood says, "I miss him a lot. It's really hard when he left, but now that I'm going I can focus on the business side of it and get job done. Easier to have you occupy yourself."

Another soldier compares the Army to civilian jobs. Second Lieutenant and Technician Engineer Supervisor, Ivy Miller, is a Ballerina, today she wears a desert dress uniform. Miller says, "I like the structure in a sense they are similar. Both require a lot of strength and compliment each other. You stand in formation and listened to a dance instructor, here you stand in formation and listen to a commander."

About 70 soldiers with the 36th Engineer Group were ordered to leave, but last minute flight changes kept 20, including Miller at Fort Benning Wednesday night.

Lucky for Wood, there's no waiting for the newlywed. As soldiers leave behind husbands and wives, for this soldier deployment may mean getting closer to her husband in Kuwait.

The soldiers who were ordered to stay at Fort Benning Wednesday night are expected to leave Thursday evening. More soldiers from the Engineer Group may be deployed next week.

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