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Truckers hurt by fuel costs

February 12, 2003

Albany -- Independent truckers say high diesel fuel costs are driving them out of business. Some owner- operators are talking about parking their trucks, because of the skyrocketing fuel costs.

Trucker Larry Carter of Jacksonville, Florida filling up his Peterbilt at the JackRabbit Truck Stop on the Cordele Road, worrying about paying his bills.

Carter said "A buck-68.9 for fuel. It's unbelievable. 12 hundred dollars I pay for my truck a month. House payment, pickup truck payment and a family to feed. Right now I'm a month behind on my truck. It just seems like it's getting worse and worse."

Carter buys 118 gallons of diesel at one dollar and 68-point-9 cents a gallon. 200 dollars for fuel, that he hopes will get him to Frederic, Maryland. A ten to 12 hour drive to deliver his load of Marine Corps Air Conditioners.

But will he make a profit for the run. "With fuel, food, tires, I got to buy a new tire. By the time I get with through, if I make 100 dollars I'm lucky."

Carter is buying his own truck, after 22 years of working for a trucking company. But he says the rising fuel costs may cost him his dream. Carter said "It's all I ever wanted, is to have my own company. It seems like everything is going against me right now."

Carter says he hears independent truckers talking about a strike, or just parking their rigs until prices come down. Larry says he has too many bills to pay. "It's not a matter of affording to, I got a family to feed. I have to."

Carter say he thinks the cost of diesel will continue to rise, making him worry more about his future. Larry Carter says his big rig averages 5 to 7 miles per gallon.

He fills up in Albany because he says diesel prices are higher in the northern United States.

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