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VSU group protests war

February 12, 2003

Valdosta - They're all different ages, races, and religions. Some are even from different countries, but this diverse group has one thing in common. They all say no to war and yes to peace.

"We think there's another answer to the problem with Iraq," said Michael Davey, Coalition for Peace Leader. "War may be inevitable, but at this point, we believe there are other options."

Tuesday night, more than 50 members of the Valdosta State University community came together to charter a local chapter of the Coalition for Peace. English Instructor Michael Davey decided to form the group after participating in last month's Martin Luther King march for peace in Atlanta.

"There are many people against a war with Iraq," said Davey. "This is a way for us to come together, express our views, and promote peace among the nations."

Davey says a war with Iraq would only increase the risk of terror attacks against the United States, and several other routes can be taken to avoid the battle. "We believe the Bush administration should put pressure on Saddam, but give the inspections time to work," said Davey.

VSU's Coalition for Peace plans on holding weekly peace vigils and rallies at Drexel Park, in hopes of attracting more members and spreading their message that war is not the answer.

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