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Gas prices bust business budgets

February 11, 2003

Albany-- Individuals are not alone in suffering higher gas prices. Most businesses are feeling the pain, too. Of course those businesses pass their higher fuel prices onto you when you buy their products.

Jeff Bruce gets ready to make another stop for the Albany Beverage Company. Bruce and his partner Nathan Lauck keep their truck on the run, delivering Anheuser Busch Products to stores in a 70 mile radius of Albany. Fuel prices are becoming a concern.

Managing Partner Joe Carroll said, "We see it starting to climb back up, and we feel it on the bottom line. No doubt about it."

Albany Beverage Company has 18 tractor trailer trucks on the road five days a week. They also have 10 vans making sale runs. They drive over 45,000 miles every month with their fleet.

So the spiraling price of gas and diesel fuel has a big impact on their bottom line. Carroll said "It's a regular cost that we have. Unfortunately, it changes pretty regularly, and usually in the wrong direction."

The deliveries have to be made, and the fuel for trucks is just part of business.

Albany Beverage says so far they can handle the cost increase, without cut backs or price hikes. "So we don't see that we would cut back service even as the prices continue to go up."

Gasoline drives business in South Georgia. As the price of a gallon continues to grow, it could be felt in every purchase you make.

Joe Carroll says the price they paid for a gallon of fuel has gone up 100% over the cost they paid one year ago.

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