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SWGA drivers hunting down low gas prices

February 11, 2003

Albany-- You are paying almost 50 cents more for a gallon of gas than what you paid this time last year. With skyrocketing prices, Southwest Georgia drivers are on the look-out for the best deal at the pump.

Morris Hopkins says he travels far distances to fish, forcing him to fill up his car a lot. He's always looking for the best deal, which is why, every Tuesday, he comes to this Enmark gas station in Lee County, "I come here on Tuesdays because it is the best price in town." Enmark's General Manager Marty Faulkner says, "On Tuesday we offer lower prices for premium gas. We drop the price by seven cents, so today its at $1.55."

Nationally, gasoline prices increased for the ninth straight week. And that rise is expected to continue.

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