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Farmers say disaster relief needed

February 11, 2003

Albany-- After a poor peanut harvest, farmers say they need some assistance. And, they might get it. At this morning's annual Georgia Peanut Producers meeting, farmers heard the latest on a disaster relief bill that's already passed the Senate. Farmers say virtually every grower was hit hard by the effects of a dry summer and a wet fall--a combination that hurt peanut yields.

Armond Morris of the Georgia Peanut Commission says, "I've talked to several farmers that had a lower yield impacted by weather in the fall with the harvest. So had an economic loss because of lower yields and most who even irrigate had lower yield than normal, in a lot of cases a thousand pound an acre less." Morris says the Disaster Relief bill is facing opposition in the House. The bill would help all growers, whether they farm dry land or irrigate their crops.

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