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Wife-burner sentenced to life + 25

^ Carlos Wilcox ^ Carlos Wilcox

February 11, 2003

Homerville - Sixty year old Carlos Wilcox of Adel left the Clinch County courthouse heading back to his cell in the county jail, after learning he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars for murdering his wife.

Prosecuting Attorney Bob Ellis says justice has finally been served. "There's no more horrific way you could die than burning to death, so I'm very pleased with the sentence," said Ellis.

Back in October 2001, Wilcox burned his wife to death in their car on Old Mexico Road in Clinch County. He then walked to a nearby church where he robbed two men with a sawed-off shot gun and stole their truck.

Ellis says the evidence against Wilcox is more than he's collected in any other case. "This evidence was so compelling that the jury couldn't do anything but find him guilty."

Yet, Wilcox still says he's not guilty. "He said she was dead and he planned on killing himself too and burning the car because they both wanted to be cremated, said Ellis.

But an autopsy shows Anna Jean Wilcox was alive when the car burned. "There was carbon monoxide down in her muscles which proves she inhaled the smoke and she was alive when it burned," said Ellis.

Wilcox is appealing the sentence and says he was unfairly represented. But considering his age and health conditions, Ellis feels confident he won't leave prison alive.

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