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Perdue wants up-or-down vote on current flag

February 11, 2003  

 (Atlanta-AP) -- A spokeswoman is denying reports that Governor Perdue has ruled out giving voters a referendum choice to bring back the old state flag with its Confederate symbol.

Spokeswoman Erin O'Brien says Perdue wants an up-or-down vote on the current flag. But she said today he has not ruled out allowing voters other choices-- including the option to bring back the old flag.

Her comment is at odds with a newspaper report, which said Perdue would not include the old flag as a choice in the referendum. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said it based its report on comments Perdue made during a WSB Radio call-in program yesterday.

A tape of the program -- played for The Associated Press -- shows Perdue said: "I think we ought to first have an up or down vote on the current flag. Should we retain it or should we change it? Sometimes that will give us an answer there. I frankly don't know how that's going to go."

O'Brien says Perdue plans to reveal his plans for the referendum during a news conference Wednesday. The referendum would be a nonbinding one -- with the final decision up to the Legislature.

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