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AFD mourns loss of one of its own

AFD Bat. Chief Marty Leverett AFD Bat. Chief Marty Leverett

43-year-old Captain Ricky Hyde died Wednesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. His illness was caught through a health and wellness program between the fire department and Phoebe.

The diagnosis allowed him to get his affairs in order and even celebrate an early Christmas with his family.

Battalion Chief Marty Leverett participated in the same program and found out he has high cholesterol and diabetes. Since then, he's dropped 30 pounds.

"I just felt bad, but after I got my sugar down to the right level and everything, you know, I feel great now," said AFD Bat. Chief Marty Leverett.

"We say that early detection is your best protection," said Darrell Sabbs of Phoebe Putney Hospital. "So to know what your cholesterol is, to know what level your diabetes or your glucose is at, is very important to know what we can do, 'cause then we can learn how to help you change your lifestyle."

The health and wellness initiative with Phoebe will track the firefighters health over the next year.

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