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Scammers use the want ads

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Scam artists are targeting folks looking to make money, so they can take their money. A Leesburg man was recently browsing the classified ads on the Albany Herald's website.

One of the jobs he found looked enticing, but it turns out it was too good to be true. Make three thousand dollars a month. Sound good to you? It did to Donald Giddens of Leesburg, so he sent a resume to the company looking for employees.

 In turn, they sent him a check and told him to cash it, but wanted most of the money back, tipping him off that it was a scam.  

$3,625 is the kind of check we'd all love to add to our bank accounts. But when Donald Giddens received this check earlier this week, he knew better than to take it to the bank.

This one originated as a classified job listing. Giddens followed the instructions on the listing, which he found on the Albany Herald's website and emailed his resume. On Monday, he received a UPS package in the mail, along with the check.

"I wish it was real," he said. But instead, it's really fake. "They told me it was a fraudulent check."

Which Giddens had already figured out himself. The instructions he received about what to do with the check were just too shady.

"Yeah, they want me to Western Union the money to the Philippines and keep 10%."

Now he wants to warn others. "Verify that when they're submitting resumes, they're submitting it to an actual company instead of sending their resume and hoping for the best. Verify it's a legit thing."

So you don't end up scammed.

We contacted Tammy Abbott, the Albany Herald's classifieds director today. She immediately pulled the ad from their website to investigate it, but said they've not received any other complaints about it.

One clue that helped alert Giddens that this was a scam is that there were addresses in Pennsylvania, the United Kingdom and the Philippines all for the same company.


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