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Scammers arm themselves with your website

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators want to warn you about another scam.

Con artists almost cheated an Albany Grandmother out of thousands of dollars using information they got off a social networking site.

A 77-year-old woman got a telephone call from a man claiming to be a bail bondsman from Canada.

He said her Grandson was in jail there. He knew her grandson's name and knew he traveled to Canada for work.

The Grandmother wired $2,900 to the caller, then found out her Grandson was not in jail.  

"It's just another thing that we have to be very careful about these scams going on out there. She almost lost $2,900, just like that," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Captain Craig Dodd.

Western Union stopped the money transfer before the scammers got the cash.

Sheriff's Investigators say it shows you need to be careful what personal information you put on the Internet.

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