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Judge promises Randolph ruling Friday

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Bobby Jenkins Bobby Jenkins

CUTHBERT, GA (WALB) - Randolph County School Board members Wednesday asked a judge to back them up in their efforts to fire a controversial school superintendent.

But not much was accomplished in the two-and-a-half hour hearing. Bobby Jenkins continues to act as superintendent, even though he was fired. And the Randolph county school system is still confused.

"Teachers and administrators don't know who to answer to. This needs to be resolved quickly," said School Board Attorney, Tommy Coleman.

On September 4th the majority of the board voted to fire Superintendent Bobby Jenkins. Jenkins ignored the decision and continues to show up for work.

"We want him off the checks, we want him to quit telling teachers what to do because he is no longer superintendent," said Coleman.

But Jenkins attorney says the firing was done illegally.

"They are asking the court to validate a preceding where a white person called me a boy from the witness stand, where two of the three board members testified as witnesses, it was more like a lynching than a due process hearing, that's all I have to say," said Jenkins' attorney Maurice King.

"The contract provided that the board would terminate Jenkins, nobody else can do it," argued Coleman.

So the Randolph county school board went to court today to ask a judge to remove Jenkins from his job. While Jenkins continued receiving pay and acting as Superintendent this month, the majority of the board made other plans.

"The board took action and hired someone else. One could argue there are two superintendents," said Coleman.

An obvious problem.

"I'm concerned about our children, our teachers, our school, our community," said Mary Kearney of Cuthbert.

Concerns that will carry through until the troublesome conflict is finally resolved. The board appointed curriculum director Dianne Watkins superintendent to replace Jenkins.  But she's been unable to perform any of her duties because her office is still occupied.

The judge will rule on all this Friday and Jenkins lawyer has already said if he rules against him, he'll appeal.

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