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Zombies left behind at Wild Adventures

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A big budget Hollywood movie called "Zombieland" opens this week.

Some of the scenes were shot in south Georgia, and some of those zombies were left behind when production wrapped. 

A zombie can-can girl and zombie cowboy will be awaiting you at the Dead Dredge haunted house next week.  

"We created a whole western town where you will be entering in from the saloon, even to observing you're hanging at the end," said Chris Wallace, Facilities Manager.

This haunted house took four weeks to complete and the scare actors have already started rehearsing.

"We have lighting, fog, and sound," said Micha Hogan, Public Relation Coordinator. "Our scare actors are amazing and we have a lot more intense things coming into our houses this year."

Wild Adventures is incorporating the actual skull façade used in the movie "Zombieland," into their Lakeside Phobatorium haunted house.

Scenes were actually shot here at the theme park. Tons of extras were chosen from the South Georgia area.

"It was used by Zombieland the movie by Sony Pictures," said Wallace. "They used it for their haunted house they built when they left they no longer needed so they left it with us."

As guests wander into this house. They'll be given a room number and admitted as a patient. Guests will encounter snakes and spiders and a lot of other "phobias."

It may seem like a happy place to be on the outside but once you enter this haunted house the terror begins.

"We take clowns and made them gruesome," said Wallace. "That's the best way to put it."

The park says "Phobia" is not recommended for children under 12 but they do have Kid-o-ween which opens this Saturday. 

 "We have a monster mash dance party, hay bell mazes, a costume parade, and trick or treating in the park," said Hogan.

For those with the high fright level, four haunted houses and two scare zones will be completed in time for the October 9 opening of "Phobia."  

"Zombieland," the movie, opens Friday in theatres. The park will have it's "Phobia" zombies out for a red carpet premiere on Thursday. Valdosta Stadium Cinemas will show the movie at midnight.

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