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Albany may miss football boat

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It may be too late for a football team to make a deal with the city of Albany and get organized in time for the next season. Albany's city manager says a shroud of secrecy by Wildcats management and ownership led to a delay in seeing what other teams might bring to the table.

Al Lott says the city will soon accept all viable proposals to bring indoor football back to the Albany Civic Center in the spring, including the Wildcats, but he says if a solid option, backed by all resources needed to carry it off aren't received soon, football may not be in the lineup next season.

Roger Jones is one of thousands of Wildcats fans in the city of Albany. "It's fun. It's always exciting," he says.

A lot of his friends go along to the games, too.  "It's a big attraction for Albany. There's not much to do here, so when the season's up and going, it's always a big thing."

But that big thing, may be a big bust. The Wildcats applied for inclusion in the newly formed Arena Football 1, but when those teams were announced yesterday, the Wildcats weren't on the list.

Now, the city is open to other teams who may be interested in playing in Albany.

"It is the best interest of the city that we look at any and all proposals,"  said City Manager Alfred Lott.

Businessman Peter Studl has received territorial rights to bring an AIFA team to Albany. There's also been interest expressed by the SIFA, and if the Wildcats are still included in a league, they will be considered too. But any team that wants to come, must prove they have the means with which to do it.

"I use the term 'feasible proposals.' Where all of the numbers add up, rather than just good ideas."

In order to bring a good team back to Albany. But Al Lott says those negotiations need to take place as soon as possible. He hopes to have an agreement in place by early November, otherwise, it may be too late for the team to be added to any league schedule.

There's also something else that may be in the way of the Wildcats. A lawsuit has been filed by former managing partner Mike Storen against other owners. He claims the team owes him more than $250,000.

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